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Community Speedwatch volunteers on High Street

If you care about traffic issues in Old P, please get involved and join us to help make it better

Community Speedwatch (CSW) Figures 2016

Your Community Speedwatch team have been busy this year on High Street. We record all traffic speeds over a one-hour slot, in a variety of locations and directions. We further note details of those cars whose drivers are travelling at 24mph or over, and who will then receive a caution letter from the police.

The aim of this excercise is to educate drivers of the local 20mph speed restrictions, and put pressure on the local council to enforce those restrictions, making it is safer and calmer for pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and residents.

If you feel like the rest of the CSW team do about traffic issues in Old Portsmouth, please get involved and join us. We are all avid volunteers.

Camber car park - TRO 11-2015 decision

The Camber car park controversy has been decided.  In accordance with TRO 11/2015, from July non-BAR staff (residents and visitors) may use the Camber Pay and Display car park:

·         Weekdays 1800-0700

·         Weekends all day

o    Both concessions are subject to BAR declaring that they don't require the car park for their exclusive use.

·         KA zone permit holders will be entitled to use the BAR car park free of charge during the Pay & Display operating times.

·         Additionally, KA permit holders will be entitled to use Clarence Pier car park (at the end of Long Curtain Road) free of charge.

The decision letter is attached.


Result at T&T council meeting

Deputation from FOOPA in support of item 4. Camera enforcement of school zig zags

Despite the submission being after the deadline of midday on the day before the meeting, it was accepted and read out by Cllr Fleming:
In this we have managed to demonstrate that FOOPA supports PCC strategy, praised the Parking Service for their efforts to control anti-social and dangerous parking and forcefully made the point that PCC has to do more to curb the relentless increase in motor traffic.

1.    FOOPA strongly supports the proposal to obtain cameras for the enforcement of yellow zig-zag lines outside schools.
2.    Residents witness every school day parking regulations being flouted outside both the Portsmouth Grammar School in the High Street and St. Jude’s Primary School in St. Nicholas Street.  Only last month there was a shocking incident of ‘parking rage’ when a driver of an illegally parked vehicle on the afternoon school run verbally abused and physically threatened an elderly resident.  Residents were impressed at the speedy and effective intervention and follow up enforcement by the Parking Service, but such actions are limited by manpower resources. 
3.    The report mentions that Portsmouth has high child pedestrian casualties (50% higher than national average) when considering population size.  To this we would add:
·         Nearly 60% of adults in Portsmouth are overweight or obese
·         Around 35% of children leaving primary school are overweight or obese
·         Estimated ~600 early deaths per annum from heart disease
(source: Portsmouth’s Director of Public Health)
·         The primary source of air pollution in Portsmouth is motor traffic
·         Air pollution in Portsmouth is the third worst in the SE region
(source: DEFRA report)
4.    The blatant disregard of parking measures established for road safety contribute to a steadily growing reluctance of parents to use active sustainable travel to get to school.  There is a vicious downward spiral where understandable concerns about road safety for pedestrians and cyclists encourages more parents to drive which exacerbate traffic problems with congestion, air pollution and dangerous illegal parking.  What is needed is a comprehensive set of measures to make walking and cycling attractive and safe modes of travel.  By increasing the numbers of children taking regular exercise to get to school, the Council can work to improving the health and safety of Portsmouth’s children.
5.    Enforcement of school zig-zag lines is the first of many measures needed to reduce the dependence on the private motor car and so improve the safety and quality of life of the local community.  FOOPA welcomes this measure.

Mike Dobson, Traffic

First Speedwatch operation in High St Friday 26 June 2015 - welcome road safety initiative by Hampshire Police


The problems of speeding vehicles with drivers flouting the 20 mph limit are well known. On a busy Friday afternoon the police and community volunteers operated Speedwatch at a location outside the Duke of Buckingham pub.  (see photos) It is emphasised that it is not implied that the drivers of the vehicles in the photographs were breaking the law.

This initiative is most welcome on several counts:

·         The police and PCC are now responding to community concerns

·         The operation was done at a busy period that was typical of when many pedestrians are at hazard when trying to do the simple task of crossing the road.

·         It is no coincidence that the location chosen is where residents are campaigning for a zebra crossing to make it safer for children on their way to and from St. Jude's C of E primary school.

Despite Speedwatch operating overtly, it is reported that scores of drivers failed to observe the Speedwatch team and were recorded exceeding the 20 MPH limit.  The maximum speed recorded was 47 MPH when High Street was busy with other vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road!  Anecdotal evidence is that a few prominent OP citizens were recorded breaking the speed limit.

Speeding drivers will receive a letter from Hampshire Police explaining that the incident has been recorded and that drivers need to observe the legal speed limits.

PCC has just completed a week's monitoring of vehicle speeds in High Street. Comparison of the speeds of vehicles (mean and maximum) during unobtrusive speed measurement with speeds of vehicles recorded by overt Speedwatch should give a good measure of the effectiveness of Speedwatch.

This is an excellent first result and well done to the Hampshire Speedwatch team.  The community volunteer lives elsewhere in the city yet commendably was willing to give her time to support road safety in Old Portsmouth.  All FOOPA members and OP residents are reminded of the call for Speedwatch volunteers (see post on 17 June). 



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