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Sir William Robert Patrick “Robin” Knox-Johnston, CBE

If you look at Wikipedia it describes Sir William Robert Patrick “Robin” Knox-Johnston, CBE, RD and bar (born 17 March 1939) as an English sailor. Well it may be what it says on his passport but surely a massive understatement. In 1968 he became the first man to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe and was the second winner of the Jules Verne trophy (together with Sir Peter Blake).


Memories of Old Portsmouth

(A version of this first appeared in 2008 in a publication by WEA but as a few things have changed I’ve been persuaded to bring it up to date and add some different photographs). Written by Keith Feltham before he passed away last year.
       Having been evacuated to Haslemere for the duration of WWII, I came back to Old Portsmouth in the Spring of 1945 and remember the street parties in St Thomas’s Street at the end of the war. On the right you can see my smiling face at a V.E. day party.


'Old' Old Portsmouth Pictures - Phil Hanley 2010

Frozen Camber Old Portsmouth 1963? (Click On to enlarge)

Having been to the AGM, I thought the attached pictures might be useful. They are scanned and might have suffered a bit in translation. I am not sure of any dates. However the frozen camber must have been 1963.


106 and 109 Penny Street

HISTORY OF 106 &109 PENNY ST. (John Huffel March 2009)

 In the mid 1700s, the corner of Penny Street and Grand Parade was the venue for 4 Freemason Lodges and “The King’s Arms” tavern, where the town’s principal merchants gathered to transact business.


Half a Century of Memories

HALF A CENTURY OF MEMORIES (Mollie Coleman February 2007)

Mollie Coleman took a trip down 'Memory Lane' recently to recall aspects of her life in Old Portsmouth from 1957 when she and her husband together with their four children moved here from Wickham.



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